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Jensen VM9214 Wire Harness

Jensen VM9214 Wire Harness

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Part Number:JE1602-9
Brand: IMC Audio
Plugs into back of specific Dual, Phase Linear, and Jensen Head Units
Fits the Following Decks:

Phase Linear      Dual                       Jensen

UV10                     XDM6400            VM9212

UV7                       XDVD700             VM9212n

UV7I                      XDVD710             VM9214

UV8                       XDVD8125           VM9311

UV8i                      XDVD8181           VM9311TS

UV9I                      XDVD8182           VM9312

                              XDVD8183           VM9312HD

                              XDVD8185           VM9314

                              XDVD8281           VM9410

                              XDVD8285           VM9411

                              XDVDN8290         VM9412






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