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What is an urban distributor?

An urban distributor is a hybrid form of distributor.  We purchase products at distributor pricing and sell it to dealers, our retail locations, and online (only if the Brand allows for online selling). If a brand doesn't want a particular line put online, we won't put it online.  If you look at our google pages or facebook page, you will see many products that you won't find in our stores online. 

'Why would a dealer purchase from you if you sell to the retail customers in the same market?

Here is an everyday scenario.  A shop gets a customer who wants a particular alarm installed today.  The shop doesn't have it. Here are the options:

1. The shop can drive 2.5 hours to Los Angeles and pick it up, then return to do the install. (Have to account for gas, time, lunch, etc)

2. The shop can order from historic distributor for delivery the next day or two. (Add $15 to cost of the alarm for delivery fees plus the customer wants it today so will the customer come back? Maybe/Maybe not)

3. The shop can call other local dealers in town and see if they have the product. (Dealers usually aren't on friendly terms with each other).

4. They can swing by an urban distributor and pick up the product. Cost is a little bit more than a normal distributor but its in stock and ready now. 

Also, we do carry product lines that are not found online.  When we find a line that is internet protected, we get a little giddy.  That means we can sell them to dealers and the dealers won't have to hear "Oh, I can get that cheaper on Amazon".   


Why should we let you distribute our products?

If your current channels are working for you, then you probably wouldn't be reading these FAQ's. The industry has been shrinking for over a decade. We have grown 66% each year for the past 6 years. Why? 

1. We keep our fingers on our customer's pulses. We talk to both the end users and the dealers. 

2. We employ young people.  The average age of employee in this industry is 53.  The average age of customer in this industry is 23. When we get a product we love, our employees pull out the cell phones, blast the product all over facebook, instagram, snap chat, youtube, facebook live.  Marketing has changed and what kind of company is better to market your items than a company with strong ties to the internet.  

3. Ask around.  Look at our website, see the brands we carry, ask others in the industry about us.  They either never heard about us or will only say good things.  


How do I buy from you?

We will need a resale license.  Please fax it to 661-321-9979 along with your authorized buyers.  

Do I get better pricing than on the website? 

Yes. We are working on that feature on the website but for now, you will have to call and talk to a salesperson. 

Do you do terms?

No, sorry. We can take checks, credit cards, paypal, and even offer 6 month financing through a bank.

Do you have brands that I can sell in my shop and not have a customer find it cheaper online?

Yes! We have several internet protected brands. 

Can you refer customers to me for installations?

We do a lot of referrals to dealers for installations.  We just need to know what you specialize in so we can refer the customers to the right installers.

Are you open on Sunday?

No. But our cell numbers are on our business cards. If you need something when we are closed, just call or text. Usually one of us will be able to open up the warehouse for you.  


Why buy from Uneeksupply and not just a dealer?

We get most of our products at distributor pricing and pass on the savings to the customer. We keep technicians on staff to answer questions and help get you the product you need.  All our technicians have installation experience and troubleshooting experience.  And none of our sales staff is on commission.  We aren't going to try to sell you a $400 amplifier if a $90 amplifier will suit your needs.  We also have a better selection than most dealers.  We keep over 20,000 different products in stock.  

Ok, why not just buy from Amazon?

Did you know that most things bought from Amazon only have a 30 day warranty?  Yes, the page may say 1 Year warranty.  But that's not usually the case.  We learned this the hard way with a Pioneer stereo we bought for a walk in customer.  Bought the stereo from Amazon, went defective after 60 days, contacted Amazon. Amazon said, oh, contact the manufacturer. Manufacturer said "Oh, you bought it on Amazon. No warranty".  We can also price match most items on Amazon.  Sometimes Amazon will take a loss on the product though just to make the sale and in these cases, we won't be able to price match.  Amazon can always issue more stock to raise money but we cannot. 

When do you ship?

We ship Monday through Friday.  Our USPS shipment leaves at 4pm daily and our UPS shipment leaves at 2pm daily.  We also have a USPS pickup at 2pm on Saturdays.

How long will it take to get my order?

If your item ships with USPS, your item will take 1-5 days to get to you unless you live in the boondocks. Then it may take an extra day.  With UPS, your item will take 1-5 days to get to you. 

Do you offer technical support?

We have technicians on hand.

I live in Bakersfield, can I pick up my item?

Yes, we are opened Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.  We are open Saturday from 9am to 2pm. 

What are your prices to install?

We do not provide labor only the parts.  We encourage you to use the local shops in town for your installation needs. 

Do you price match?

Send us the link to the item you found on another website and we will try to beat their price. 

Your price is lower elsewhere, are you a scam website?

No, we are real.  You can find us on the BBB website and if you are in Bakersfield, you can walk into our store.  We try our best to be the lowest price on the internet.  If you see something for cheaper somewhere else, please pass on the link. If you check us out on Facebook, you will even see pictures of our employees.  

 I'm not finding a specific part on your website, do you have it?

Probably.  We have over 20,000 parts in our warehouse.  Call us if you cannot find it.  There may be a reason we don't have it (like its got quality issues) or we may just not have gotten it up on the website yet.