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Kenwood 16 Pin Wiring Harness KN16
Kenwood 16 Pin Wiring Harness KN16

Kenwood 16 Pin Wiring Harness KN16

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Part Number:KN16-01
IMC Audio Wire Harness for Kenwood Units.
Fits the Following Decks:

DDX-6017 DDX-7015 DNX-210EX DPX-301 DPX-302 DPX-303 DPX-501 DPX-502 DPX-503 EZ500 KDC-1011S KDC-1028 KDC-1032 KDC-105 KDC-128 KDC-128CR KDC-132 KDC-132CR KDC-138 KDC-138CR KDC-2011S KDC-2025 KDC-205 KDC-205CR KDC-225 KDC-225MR KDC-228 KDC-232MR KDC-3011 KDC-3025 KDC-3028 KDC-325 KDC-328 KDC-348U KDC-4022 KDC-419 KDC-422 KDC-5019 KDC-516S KDC-519 KDC-57MR KDC-716S KDC-9017 KDC-BT645U KDC-BT648U KDC-BT742U KDC-BT838U KDC-HD545U KDC-HD548U KDC-HD942U KDC-MP202 KDC-MP2028 KDC-MP2032 KDC-MP2035 KDC-MP205 KDC-MP208 KDC-MP225 KDC-MP225B KDC-MP228 KDC-MP232 KDC-MP235 KDC-MP235CR KDC-MP238 KDC-MP238CR KDC-MP3035 KDC-MP332 KDC-MP335 KDC-MP4028 KDC-MP4032 KDC-MP408U KDC-MP425 KDC-MP428 KDC-MP435U KDC-MP438U KDC-MP442U KDC-MP5028 KDC-MP5032 KDC-MP522 KDC-MP528 KDC-MP532U KDC-MP535U KDC-MP538U KDC-MP6025 KDC-MP625 KDC-MP628 KDC-MP632U KDC-MP635 KDC-MP638U KDC-MP642U KDC-MP7028 KDC-MP728 KDC-MP732 KDC-MP738U KDC-MP8017 KDC-MP825 KDC-MP828 KDC-MP832U KDC-MP919 KDC-MP925 KDC-MP928 KDC-MPV5025 KDC-MPV525 KDC-MPV6022 KDC-MPV619 KDC-MPV622 KDC-MPV7019 KDC-MPV8025 KDC-V6017 KDC-V7017 KDC-X395 KDC-X459 KDC-X491 KDC-X492 KDC-X493 KDC-X579 KDC-X591 KDC-X592 KDC-X679 KDC-X692 KDC-X693 KDC-X695 KDC-X792 KDC-X879 KDC-X979 KDC-X993 KRC-307S KRC-405 KRC-407 KRC-507S KRC-509S KRC-535 KRC-609 KRC-709 KRC-S105 KRC-S205 KRC-S305 KRC-S505 KVT-910DVD KVT-911DVD

5 Stars
Worked perfectly, GREAT price
Arrived in very short time. Worked perfectly. MUCH less expensive than other places charge. I will definitely be buying more!
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Reviewed by:  from Detroit, Michigan. on 10/7/2011

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